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School Mission Statement

The commitment to success for all students is based on several premises:

 that daily attendance is essential for the continued growth and success of the student
 that every student can learn and should have equal access to a public education that promotes optimum      individual growth
 that education should motivate and enable students to develop their capabilities for a lifetime of learning      and for responsible, productive participation in a democratic society and a diverse and changing world
 that the educational process should involve not only the students, the teacher, and personnel but also,      the family, the community, employers, and various agencies and organizations essential to student
 that everyone directly involved in public education in Maryland should be accountable for student



Character Development at Northeast Elementary

Our students' character is very important to the school staff and we would like to reinforce many of the ideals parents are working hard to instill in their children. The kind of person a student is determines to a large part their success in life. We have a Character Development Program in place at Northeast Elementary School and you will be hearing a lot about our different programs as our school year progresses. Below , you will find our Character Development Logo. Our Logo gives us a picture of how we can build character.

We are asking all families to display our Character Logo on the refrigerator or other visible location within each house as a visual reminder of our work Together to build character!
Our school motto is: "The 3r's"
"The 3R's" are displayed in every classroom and you will also see them displayed on the wall as you walk in the front door of the school.
The foundation of our Logo is the "3R's".

The pillars in our character building include:
Caring/Helpfulness/Service, Hardworking/Reliable, Honesty/Trustworthiness,
Integrity, and Courtesy/Civility/Graciousness.
These six pillars, along with RESPECT and RESPONSIBILITY
make up "The Great 8 Traits". Each month we will be sending home PARENT-CHILD CHARACTER HOMEWORK so families will have an opportunity to talk about the trait of the month.